14-18CoverSeacroft 1914–18 (£10) In 1911 Seacroft was a traditional village. The children were at Seacroft National School, beside St James’s Church, and many of the adults worked on farms, in related agricultural trades or as miners in the nearby pits. Seacroft Hall retained the staff of Mr Darcy Bruce Wilson. The Grange employed domestic servants and a groom. The Cricketers Arms overlooked cricket matches on the carefully tended village green.

By 1914 Seacroft was part of Leeds and very much part of the First World War. Seacroft 1914–18 reflects on the contributions Seacroft residents of that time made to what became known as ‘The Great War’. It also embraces the ancestry of current Seacroft residents, to consider how a shared heritage of war is still connecting Seacroft village and estate to other areas not just of Leeds but around the world.

Arising from the University of Leeds Legacies of War project, and timed to coincide with the centenary of August 1914, this book will make you proud to have Seacroft and East Leeds connections.

The Seacroft Literature and Art Society also publishes the following books by local authors.

Microsoft Word - seacroft_book_[A5].docCelebrating Seacroft
The first book from SCLAS introduces you to some writing about Seacroft and some images of our area. There is much to celebrate in Seacroft. We have a proud, interesting history, masses of green space, some excellent schools and housing, proximity to good hospitals and a good library. We want everybody to recognise all the good points about Seacroft and give a sense of pride to young people in our area. Our writers are from all age groups, so our book is divided into three sections: Seacroft Elders, Middle Ground and Youth. 

Download pdf: celebratingseacroft[A5]

Microsoft Word - Seacroft book 2012 copy.docSeacroft, Centre of the World?
Never make the mistake of thinking that people living or working in Seacroft have not been anywhere else. This collection of stories shows how far and wide some people in Seacroft have been. If you listen to older people in Seacroft, they went away in the war; middle-aged people have been on holidays or travelling abroad and younger people havevbeen on many holidays and sometimes decided to live as far away as Australia.
Microsoft Word - Gordon_cover.docxMy Friend Gordon: Always good for a Laugh by Bill Askin
Bill Askin looks back on the many stories told by his friend Gordon, a remarkable Seacroft character who could get people smiling just by entering a room, along with some of the experiences they shared. With a passion for enjoying life and helping others, this formidable pair raised many thousands of pounds for various charities.
martinBetter than Bacon Butties Domestic poems by Martin Harrison Smith
In these, wry, humorous and touching verses, local writer Martin Harrison Smith reflects on life, love, religious faith, the joys of fatherhood… and the perfect bacon butty.
Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell

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